Oct 22, 2013 7:42 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Youngsville Area Soccer Program Rejected To Play In City's New Sports Complex

A soccer program in Lafayette Parish is crying foul after losing the chance to play at a state of the art facility.

Two years ago, the city of Youngsville passed a tax to fund the new sports complex, which is now under construction.

Parents with "Southside Soccer" say they were told if they supported that tax, then their kids would get to play there.

However, they later learned they had to submit a proposal to compete against other soccer organizations for the right to play at the new complex. Last week, Southside Soccer found out it lost the bid. Now, hopes for a new home to support its growing program are unclear.

"It's kind of frustrating. I mean we have tons of Youngsville kids out here, tons of Youngsville parents, and you know, they're all excited. They're seeing not even a mile down the road they're seeing this complex being built and now we're not allowed to go play there," Southside Soccer coach and boardmember Jesse Crouch said.

Crouch says he found out last week via text message that Southside Soccer wasn't chosen. The text message from the sport complex's director Tim Robichaux says "The mayor has made the final decision. The mayor and I are both in agreement on L.Y.S.A. being our soccer program. We feel L.Y.S.A. is the larger more established soccer program and the recognized soccer program for Lafayette Parish."

Crouch says this was the wrong call.

"Our parents supported that tax to pay for the facility, and now they're not going to be able to use it," Crouch said. "I mean, yeah you can go use it but they'd have to change organizations, they'd have to bring their whole team or they'd have to leave their team and go play with L.Y.SA.," he said.

Youngsville Mayor Wilson Viator declined to comment on the situation, but told us Friday no final decision had been made. Meanwhile, Coach crouch and Southside soccer are accepting defeat.

"We've made a couple of phone calls, from what we've seen it is a done deal so I don't know if we can fight it," Crouch said.

Since Friday when we began researching this story, there has been movement on both sides towards coming up with a resolution. The mayor says no final decision has been made, but wouldn't comment on camera on Monday.



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