Jun 6, 2013 4:01 PM by Steven Albritton

World Champion Passes On Her Skills To Youth

World Champion Boxer Deirdre Gogarty is doing her part to promote not only the sport, but also women competing in the ring.

The passion for boxing started at a young age for Gogarty. After fighting her way to the top of her sport, she retired in 2003. Now, her attention has turned to the future of the sport.

"You know I always felt someone had to stick their neck out to train me. I always felt very indebted to my trainers and I just wanted to give back," Gogarty said.

At Ragin' Cajun boxing in Lafayette, Gogarty is able to pass on her knowledge of the ring. One of her athletes is teenager Tabatha Grebinger.

"I had an assignment to research famous women athletes and I found out she was at this gym. It was always something I just kind of thought, "What if I would do that," because you know I've never been girly or anything," Grebinger said.

From the moment Grebinger met Gogarty she was hooked on boxing. She can't get enough and gets training from not only a world champion, but her idol.

"I really do believe this is the gym I was meant to be in because of Deirdre. She made boxing, for me, everything it is."

In male dominated sport, these two hold a special bond. It's bond that pushes Grebinger to keep going and never quit.

"If I'm discouraged because I feel like I'm the only girl and I feel like the guys are laughing at me, or feel like I'm not taken seriously, she's been there. She knows that feeling. She knows everything I'm going through no matter what it is because she did it 20 times over," Grebinger said.

For Gogarty, she perhaps sees a bit of herself in Grebinger.

"She's got that fire in her. It's always exciting to see because there are such endless possibilities. But, you know you just don't know what the future holds. It's exciting to see another girl walk in. I always hope to see another Deirdre Gogarty walk in."



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