May 24, 2013 7:26 PM by Chris Welty

Woman Finds Note with KKK Reference

A Lafayette woman is scared after she says she found a threatening and racist note on her front door.

The note made references to the KKK and implied she should move.

April Cox found the note Tuesday night at her home on Essie Street, off Willow in North Lafayette. Police are investigating it as a possible hate crime.

She says she may be afraid, but she will not be intimidated into moving.

"I didn't think this still occurred. It was a shock to know people will go to that extent to make someone uncomfortable."

April Cox believes she knows who wrote the note but is disappointed it's race related.

"I never though this would come about this day and age. When you see the history channel, it's something that happened back then, not in 2013," said Cox.

She has lived on Essie Street nearly a year and a half. Since she received the note, she's staying vigilant, afraid the note could escalate into something more.

"I'm afraid because I get off at 10:30 at night and it's dark when I come in," said Cox.

If Lafayette Police determine this to be a hate crime, Corporal Paul Mouton says the charges could be serious.

"What was the reason behind the note put on the door? Once we discover that, we can apply it to a crime that would fit the elements that are present in what we find regarding the investigation," said Corporal Mouton.

Cox is turning to faith until whoever is responsible is caught.

"It's just not right, not right. I'm just going to pray and hopefully it will all work out."

Though April Cox doesn't want to move, she may have no choice.

Today, her landlord served her with an eviction notice for being two days late on her rent. She claims she had made arrangements for a payment plan with her landlord's wife.

Police say so far in the investigation, the eviction and the threatening note have no connection.

Chris Welty



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