Jun 15, 2011 7:43 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Witnesses Recap Moments Following the Explosion

Hundreds of people working near the site of the explosion are waiting on the evacuation to be lifted to return to work. A few eye-witnesses told KATC their story today.

"It just felt like thunder. I thought it was going to be an afternoon shower coming on, and then I felt it again," Nathan Boudreaux said.

Kyler Young said, "I felt the first initial blast with my feet-felt the ground shake and everyone stopped. It was like the machines, the air-hoses, everything went quiet."

Young works about a block away from Multi-Chem. He didn't realize what was happening until he looked outside.

He said, "I look across the street and then a big blast comes and big puffs of smoke, and then canister after canister would explode. It was like Pearl Harbor, like ware-fare, and you could see the bubbles of flames come up."

Boudreaux was working at a plant nearby Multi-Chem. He said his supervisor came running in telling everyone to hurry up and get out.

"Two or three hundred yards form the actual explosion, but it seemed much closer because of all the smoke and flames," he said. "I was scared." Young said, "Three minutes tops and it was flaming."

Everyone just stood outside watching the cloud of smoke take over the sky.

Boudreaux said, "it was hectic, just sad, people running everywhere it was sad."


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