Mar 11, 2014 7:37 PM by Alex Labat

Windows E'xp'ires April 2014

Windows XP.
It's run on nearly one-third of the computers on the planet. From ATMs, to restaurants, to libraries, the operating system runs more than our computers, it partly runs our lives.
Well, it used to. "Windows XP just can't handle it", says Woody Bordelon owns "Doghouse Computers", which started up the same year Windows XP was released. Now, more than a decade later, he says Microsoft is abandoning the software. "Basically what that means is you're no longer going to get security updates. Because the majority of the updates that you got from Microsoft for Windows XP was for security".


Blue Screen of Death

Look familiar? Well if it does you're going to need to get that fixed, and fast. Because once April 8th rolls around, support for any system that's running Windows XP is going to get shut down. Hardware support, customer support, and things like virus protection will all be discontinued, leaving your system potentially vulnerable. "Not only can it steal information off of your computer, but it can actually damage the operating system and whatever", says Bordelon.

So what to do if you're in need of an update? Bordelon says some of your only options are to upgrade either the software, or the computers completely (much like what is being done at the Lafayette Public Library). But if you want to stick with XP, Bordelon says you better make sure you're safe so you aren't sorry. "You just have to be careful, and if you're going to get onto the internet, if you have to get onto the internet, make sure you have an anti-virus. But still, there's no guarantee even with an antivirus".

If you've updated to some of the most recent Windows software, you've also bought yourself some time for support as well. Windows Vista will see it's support end in 2017, Windows 7 will wrap-up in January of 2020, and Windows 8's support will end 3 years later in 2023.



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