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May 16, 2011 7:33 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Wildlife Searching for Higher Ground

People aren't the only ones being displaced by the flood waters, wild animals are frantically searching for higher ground.

Director of Heckhavan Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Suzy Heck, said "hopefully most of the animals have already moved on. They have a sixth sense about disaster coming and hopefully they'll be long gone before the floods hit and get really bad."

Wildlife officials said if you spot any kind of wild animal to stay away.

Donna Gee, rescues wild animals, she said " they are frightened. They are going to be very skid-dish and possibility a little more aggressive than normal."

So far the only displaced wildlife are six baby osprey. They were rescued in cow Island.

Heck said, "birds can not move their babies--most mammals can. They'll pick them up and move them to higher ground, but birds can't."

She said she'll nurse the birds and hopefully one day they'll be released back into their natural habitat. She expects to provide shelter for everything from racoons to owls to maybe even a few injured deer in the coming weeks.

"It is survival of the fittest," Heck said. "The strongest will make it out of the flood and it will make the whole species longer in the long run."

If you spot an injured animal, call the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Wildlife officials want to remind you that if you come across wildlife, it's illegal to shoot and kill deer and black bear, but if a wild hog is on your property you can legally kill it between now and august.



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