Jul 23, 2013 7:15 PM by Akeam Ashford

Why Did The Guineas Cross The Road?

A St. Landry Parish farmer is waiting for a sign.

The man recently put up signs on the side of his road warning drivers to watch out for his unique farm animals.

Byron Brasseaux of Arnaudville raises guinea fowl. Guineas are large wild birds. They're native to Africa and are similar to chickens. Much like chickens, the birds are raised for their meat, eggs, and even their feathers.

Three months ago, Brasseaux bought "Guinea X'ing" signs to warn drivers about his animals. Last month, his two signs disappeared. Brasseaux says without warning they were removed by the parish.

"They left with my signs and took them, and it's been just about a month now and they're supposed to give me my signs back and I still haven't gotten them," says Brasseaux.

Parish Councilman Wayne Ardoin is working with Brasseaux to get his signs back.

"He's really not violating any body's laws right here; it's a country road and we're in a rural parish," says Ardoin.

At a recent council meeting, Parish President Bill Fontenot said the parish is more than willing to return Brasseaux's signs.

Brasseaux wants to take it one step further and have the ordinance amended so his signs can stay.



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