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Mar 7, 2012 7:26 PM by Maddie Garrett

Welsh Council Turns Down Police's Request for More Patrols on I-10

A controversial interstate patrol program is under review in Welsh. It's called the Traffic Enforcement Detail (TED), and has the potential to generate hundreds of thousand of dollars for the small town. But Welsh officials are hesitant to move full speed ahead with the program.

A few years ago Welsh started TED, allowing off-duty officers to patrol I-10 at $25 an hour for six or 12 hour shifts.

"It gives them a chance to make extra money. It also benefits the town in that the money that's brought in, part of it goes to the town and part of it goes to the police department," said Welsh Mayor Carolyn Louviere.

But after running into a few problems, with some officers collecting the extra pay without actually working the interstate, the program was cut back to only six hours shifts.

Now Police Chief Tommy Chassion wants it back up to 12.

"It's more exposure on the interstate when they work 12 hours," said Chaisson.

But Mayor Louviere and some council members aren't ready to increase TED just yet.

"We cut it back because we wanted to get it straight, some of the problems we had we wanted to work on," explained Louviere.

But one thing the mayor and chief want to make clear is that TED doesn't leave the Welsh's streets unattended.

"So it's not taking patrolmen off the streets of Welsh and putting them on the Interstate," said Chaisson.

"It is his (patrolman) day off and he chooses to come in and work TED," added Louviere.

Louviere said after another three month review period they'll take another look at upping the hours.

Success of the Traffic Enforcement Detail is gauged by how many tickets officers write. Revenue from those tickets also pays for the extra salary officers take when working TED.



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