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Aug 14, 2013 7:28 PM by Alex Labat

Watered Down Contract Has Broussard Looking at Water Service Options

After settling their differences, Lafayette and Broussard will see their contract for water services go from 25 years down to 7 years, which has Broussard Mayor Charlie Langlinais weighing his options.
He says, "Our options are to amend the contract, extend it, renegotiate, etc. Or increase your water production capabilities."
While not set on cutting ties with LUS just yet, Broussard is prepping for the unknown.
"Clearly my council has said "no, we'll look at that at that time", but we're going to go forward now with increasing our water capabilities", says Langlinais.
LUS Director Terry Huval says he's happy to provide Broussard with water services for the time being, but says if the city does decide to go it alone, LUS needs to be prepared.
"In the event that they choose not to renegotiate a contract with Lafayette, or we don't reach an agreement, then they need to allow enough time after those negotiation end to be able to take the steps necessary to build their own facilities", says Huval.
Langlinais says they're doing just that by increasing their water production, but nothing's ever set in stone.
"We've got the resources to do what we gotta do, if we didn't have the resources then I would say we'd be better off staying and extending the contract. But if indeed that's what their wishes are fine", says Langlinais.


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