Jan 15, 2013 7:36 PM by Chris Welty

Water Still Rising in Mermentau Cove

Flooding remains an issue for much of Acadiana tonight after several days of soaking rain.

That rain left the Mermentau Basin swollen. The Mermentau is at 10-point-four feet and it's expected to crest Thursday morning at around eleven feet.

For communities around the Mermentau in Acadia Parish, that means water and lots of it. Streets are still underwater, homes flooded. KATC's Chris Welty rode along with the Mermentau Fire Department to tour some of the hardest hit areas.

More than 150 homes in the Mermentau Cove area are flooded. The water came up Sunday and it's still rising. Most of the area is underwater, but a few homes are high enough and the water hasn't made it in yet.

"It's like a third world country. You really can't find dry land," said flood victim, Alex Chapman.

One of the only ways to get around is with a boat or a high water vehicle. Many yards look like lakes.

"As days pass, there was two ways out, then there was one and now, there's none especially for regular size vehicles and trucks," said Tammie Hustak.

The water isn't the only concern. When it goes down, without flood insurance, families are questioning how they'll recover since their homeowners insurance won't pay for damages.

"No matter how much we pay for insurance, this isn't covered," said Hustak.

If the water keeps rising, Tammie Hustak says she has to stay.

"This is all I have, I have nothing else. I have to protect what I have. There's nowhere else to go really."

Chris Welty



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