Tracking the Tropics

Jul 29, 2013 10:14 AM by Dave Baker

Watching Dorian Remnants

A trough of low pressure that was once Tropical Storm Dorian continues to be watched today for possible development. The system was downgraded Saturday, but the remaining area of thunderstorms is continuing to be watched by the National Hurricane Center.  

No center of circulation can be found at the surface.  Overnight, more convection associated with the system had flared up, but this is typical during the overnight hours.  When there is less thermal energy from the sun at night, the column of air calms.  As the sun rises, the heat of the day gets the air moving again.  Wind shear associated with an upper level low pressure area to the west will once again inhibit development, and that wind shear will increase Tuesday.  The National Hurricane Center puts about a 40% chance for redevelopment as it moves westward toward the Bahamas.  The extended forecast turns the system northwest toward Florida and the southeast coast of the United States.

The system will continue to be monitored.  Reconnaissance aircraft are on standby for further investigation.


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