Sep 23, 2009 10:40 AM by Evan Anderson

Watch Out for Flashing Lights!

We see school buses every day. But how familiar are you with the laws requiring you to stop?

It's that time of day, kids at Woodvale Elementary are lining up on this rainy afternoon, ready to board the bus. A common route that each rider is familiar with.

Betty Hollier has been driving school buses for 35 years. She says, sometimes, these riders are in for a scary exit.

"It amazes me how some people don't see a big yellow school bus", said Betty Hollier.

She says drivers fly right by her signals on a daily basis. The only time you're allowed to continue when a bus has signaled drivers to stop, is when a median separates you and the bus, otherwise, both sides, must stop.

"A four lane highway or a five lane highway like Johnston Street where they don't have a median", said Hollier.

Marcus Johnson says he's had to call the police so violators could be ticketed.

"It is very important because we have kids, I mean some very young crossing over." said Johnson, who's been driving buses for 6 years.

Mark Francis with the Lafayette Police Department says the main violators are on the opposite side of traffic.

"Not realizing that maybe a student that's going to have to cross directly in your lane of travel, and then your in violation." said Francis.

A violation that could cost you up to $500.

"The whole roadway must stop to allow the kids to be discharged to go where they need to go." said Francis.

And you're not to move until the flashers are off, and the stop sign is in. Which only takes..."30 to 45 seconds", said Francis. Less than a minute to make sure these kids are able to cross the street, safely.

"Your going to save the life of a kid, and also save yourself some real serious problems."


Evan Anderson


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