Nov 15, 2013 4:38 PM by Daniel Phillips

Warm November Weekend

The daily activity of the atmosphere never ceases to amaze. Earlier this week, many Acadiana residents were greeted with bone chilling temperatures that were a degree shy of freezing. For two brief nights Old Man Winter had set up shop in south Louisiana. 

This was not to last, however, a blessing to some but perhaps not to others who are fond of the cold weather. Now as we wrap up another work week we couldn't be further from those few cold mornings we had just a day ago. 

Temperatures will be pushing 80 degrees for the daytime highs and overnight temperatures will be a good 20-30 degrees warmer. A few light showers announced a warm front, but the noticeable increase in temperatures was a dead give away that something has moved through. 

Those who applaud the delayed onset of winter shouldn't get too excited just yet as another round of cold weather appears in our future again next week. As the weekend comes to a close a rather ambiguous cold front will move through and should provide us with a little bit of rain. 

The models are all over the place on this particular system, and timing has been a nightmare to try and pin point. After studying different graphs, charts, and models it seems as if our best chance for rain will arrive late Sunday night/early Monday morning. This cold front may take a little longer to clear out then others we've seen in the past so clouds could be a factor for the start of the work week. 


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