Jul 22, 2013 6:57 PM by Chris Welty

Wade Lohse Sentenced to 20 Years Hard Labor

Wade Lohse is now serving a twenty year sentence in jail with hard labor after accepting a plea deal in court today.

Lohse pled no contest to vehicular homicide in the death of Cacie Barras McGrew. She's the 29 year old Youngsville mom who died last year in a car crash. Wade Lohse was the driver of another car involved in that crash. He was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and DUI, but ran off earlier this year before his trial was set to begin. He was on the run for three weeks, before he was caught in Philadelphia.

Heading to serve his twenty years, Wade Lohse had no problem opening up to us. His trial was set to begin, but in a last minute decision, Lohse accepted a plea deal.

I asked Lohse why he changed his plea for not guilty to no contest and he said, "They finally gave me the answers to the questions I've been asking from the beginning. I was guilty without a doubt. I have a substance abuse problem and I need to take care of it."

Assistant District Attorney J. N. Prather said, "Us being prepared and ready for trial makes them make some decisions."

Lohse changed his plea from not guilty to no contest before Judge Kristian Earles Monday morning.

Defense Attorney Thomas Alonzo said, "He wanted to get this behind him and he intends to get treatment while in jail."

In court, Prather said Lohse's blood alcohol level was .08 when he crashed into Cacie Barras McGrew's car and killed her.

"Anytime you can get a maximum sentence on a vehicular homicide case, it's good. It doesn't bring back the person who was killed, but it does give the family some relief that it is put to rest, but we still have a young child without a mother," said Prather.

Walking back to prison, Lohse said, "I just feel remorse for the family who lost a love one and I have to do my time. That's all there is."

Since Cacie Barras McGrew's death, her friends and family protested for justice. Family friend, Kellie Breaux released a statement to KATC saying, "We're just relieved that it's over. We got what we wanted. Cacie's mom is elated, but we're bummed the maximum is only 20 years, but his conviction was eminent. We can finally move forward with our lives."

In addition to those twenty years for vehicular homicide, Lohse was also sentenced to 10 years at hard labor on a charge of felon in possession of a firearm and one year for jumping bail.

Those sentences will run concurrently, meaning Lohse will serve only 20 years behind bars.

Chris Welty


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