Apr 8, 2013 9:30 PM by Chris Welty

Wade Lohse Calls KATC & Post Video While on the Run

The most wanted man in Acadiana, Wade Lohse, is speaking out while on the run.

The US Marshal's Office and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office are still searching for Wade Lohse. Authorities say he's armed and dangerous. Two weeks ago, he walked out of the Lafayette Parish Courthouse just before his trial for vehicular homicide.

Lohse is accused of killing 29-year-old Cacie Barras McGrew, in a car crash on the Youngsville Highway last June. Investigators say, Lohse was drunk at the time of the crash.

Wade Lohse is disputing those claims. He says when he arrived at court nearly two weeks ago; he at first had no intentions of leaving.

"If I stayed at the courthouse, I was going to jail that day no matter what. It was going to be picking a jury or plea bargain and I wasn't anxious to sign it because they were going to take away appeal rights for the vehicular homicide," said Lohse in a phone interview only with KATC.

In the YouTube video posted Sunday, Lohse goes into detail about his three pending charges including: felon in possession of a firearm, burglary and vehicular homicide. He cites constitutional reasons why he believes the charges are unjust.

"If I fought any three of these charges, he was going to give me a life sentence and I'm fighting all three of them because they are wrong."

"Of course he's free to say anything he wants with no cross examination, no questioning, nothing."

District Attorney Mike Harson says Lohse is hiding behind a computer. Lohse wants the DA to look at Cacie Barras McGrew's phone records to see if she was texting or on the phone when the accident happened.

"I was in control, I knew what I was doing. I've been requesting records and I've got nothing. All they talk about is jail time," said Lohse.

District Attorney Mike Harson says, "I implore him to just come on back, put your arguments out and let the judge or jury decide the issue and get it over with."

Lohse says he will come back to Acadiana when he feels like he has all his questions answered. He says his blood alcohol level was .08 and says he wasn't drunk when the crash happened. State law says the legal limit of intoxication is .08. Neither police nor the DA will confirm what his blood alcohol registered, but tell us Lohse was intoxicated.

Cacie Barras McGrew's mother, Cindy Barras, is speaking out to KATC about the YouTube video Wade Lohse posted explaining why he ran out of a Lafayette courtroom two weeks ago before his trial.

"First of all, he didn't show true remorse and the justice system cannot be wrong on all of your wrong doings. If you're so innocent, why did you leave? You had a lawyer there for you. Evidently, you felt like things weren't going to go your way. You're trying to say you're more knowledgeable than the justice system. If you're not such a bad man, why are you on the most wanted list? Own up to your own doings so that our family can put this behind us. What does her not dying on the scene have to do with anything? She has a daughter that will get exposed to this if it doesn't end. Come out of hiding and be a man. I suggest him to read the Bible instead of him studying the justice system so much." -Cindy Barras

Chris Welty


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