Aug 28, 2010 11:29 PM by Shawn Kline

Voter turnout extremely low

With a number of big seats in Washington on the line, you would expect a decent voter turn out.
So, how many of you punched the ballot?
KATC crunched the numbers to find a low voter turn-out for just about every parish.
In Iberia Parish, a more than expected 12% of their voters came to the precincts.
In Lafayette Parish... only 7% of voters came to the polls.
And in St. Landry, a measly 4.5% notched a vote.
These, just some of the numbers those who did vote are disappointed with.

"When we come here, there's such a low voter turn out." Thomas Vilcan says, "it's a small number of people who determine who runs this state, this country."

Area parish officials say they expected low turn-outs... around 10%, but they would have liked to see more than what they got.

"If you walk a mile down the street to the convenience store," Vilcan says, "you can at least walk across the street to go vote."



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