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Aug 26, 2013 12:05 AM by Alex Labat

Vigil Held for 20-year-old Skylar Lee Credeur

In Acadia Parish, it was a tough weekend for the friends and family of 20-year-old Skylar Credeur.
Credeur was found dead in her bathtub on Wednesday.
According to the D.A., initially the death looked accidental, because a laptop was found in the tub.
But her step-father, Kerry Bertrand, was later found hiding in the attic of the home.
And now he's a person of interest in the murder investigation.
Yesterday, Skylar was laid to rest, and today, friends and family gathered for a memorial vigil at Rayne High.

As family and friends filed into the Rayne High School gym, they were greeted by the smiling face of a fallen classmate.
"You got through the pictures and you see how goofy she is and you see how happy she is and it makes you smile. Then you go back and think, "She's not here anymore. You can't see that smile everyday like you used to". But it's good that our whole class could come back together to celebrate a beautiful life like hers", says classmate Destinie Verret.
Sunday served not only as a memorial, but as a celebration of Skylar Credeur's life, as well as the life of Jacob Milligan, one of her classmates who passed away back in 2011.
Attendees offered donations to help pay for the Credeur's funeral services.
2012 graduate Tyler Bonnet says, "We're just one big family, so if anyone every needs anything or anyone. We're always here for anybody and that's just how we are over here."
Those attending today's events shared tears, laughs, and prayers for a girl, who friends say, was always there to lend a hand.
"Skylar, she was a beautiful classmate. Inside and out, she loved everybody. She helped anybody with anything that they needed whether it was homework, or a little project, or just needed somebody to talk to, she was the perfect person to help you. She just loved everybody so much. I just love her, and we all miss her and love her so much", says classmate Kriston Arceneaux.
To end the ceremony, Renee Harelson, a teacher at Rayne High, read a quote from Skylar, reminding those attending that as long as they keep the 20-year-old in their thoughts, and hearts, she will never truly be gone.
"I believe in the sun, even when it's not shining. In love, even when I am alone. And in God, even when he is silent. I want you to believe she is always with you", says Harelson.

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