Mar 17, 2010 3:26 PM by Rob Kirkpatrick

Vermilion Sheriff's Department's Annual Certification Underway

According to Sheriff Mike Couvillon, the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Department is currently undergoing its annual certification training. Today there are over 20 deputies, including some police officers from various municipal police agencies receiving instruction and certification in defensive tactics.
"Our deputies work very hard and put their lives on the line each day they put the uniform on to go out and protect and serve. We believe in training, as it is the single most important ingredient that helps provide for officer safety on the job. That training is what could give them the edge they need and enable them to come home safely at the end of the day", says Sheriff Couvillon.

According to Colonel Kirk j. Frith, Chief Deputy for the Sheriff, the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Department utilizes a full time training officer to oversee and coordinate all training and uses in house instructors to facilitate most of its in service training. Deputies are selected and sent to schools to get instructorship certified where they can teach in-house to the rest of the force, a significant cost savings for the office of Sheriff.

According to the Training Coordinator, Lt. D.J. Harrignton, a shift of deputies are being re-certified in defensive tactics today under the Monadnock training protocol for police officers where they are taught tactics for defense and apprehension techniques. We schedule these training dates and invite the municipal police departments to train with us.

According to the Sheriff, training starts from day one when a deputy is hired. It takes almost 9 months from the time a deputy is hired, put through the police academy, completes further in-service training, the in-house 14 week Field Officer Training Program and finally put in a police car to finish the shadow training and released for final shift duty.

"Once a deputy is finished his/her initial training, it doesn't stop there. Training is ongoing at the Sheriff's department all year long and it represents a very wide spectrum of in-service training ranging from the basics like defensive tactics, firearms, CPR, crash scene investigations and many more, but it also includes sending personnel to complex specialized investigative schools to keep abreast of the latest information, techniques and skills for serious crimes like homicides. We never stop training or learning as law enforcement people.

As long as I am sheriff, we will continue to improve this department in every way possible and continuous training is the key", adds the Sheriff.


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