Apr 4, 2014 2:02 PM by KATC

Vermilion Parish responds to KATC Investigation

The Vermilion Parish Police Jury has just issued a statement in response to a KATC Investigation that aired last night and found that some dogs and cats may have been illegal euthanized at Vermilion Parish Animal Control:

"The Vermilion Parish Police Jury and its employees strive to operate the rabies control facility in a manner that is humane and consistent with legal and veterinary requirements. Although the parish ordinance contains a general four day waiting period after an animal come into the facility, the purpose of the waiting period is to allow the owner of the animal an opportunity to reclaim it. In a small number of cases, the four day waiting period is not applicable. For instance, if the animal has been surrendered by the owner, if the animal's physical condition requires it to be humanely euthanized, if the animal is deemed "vicious" under the ordinance, or if the facility is at capacity. The parish is required by court order to avoid overcrowding. The Vermilion Parish Police Jury welcomes a review of the operation of its facility and is confident that its employees have complied with the law and have acted in a humane manner."

The statement, through the police jury's attorney, Paul Moresi, comes after the police jury unanimously voted Wednesday to deny KATC's request to interview Animal Control Facility Director Pam Monceaux and Public Works Director Bill Noegel. They did offer, however, an interview with Parish Administrator Linda Duhon next week.

See the full story here:

Tun in at 6 p.m. for part 2 of KATC's Investigation, which looks into whether injured animals received veterinarian treatment when they arrived at the shelter.

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