Back to School 2014

Aug 8, 2014 10:02 AM by KATC

Vermilion Parish Heading Back to School With High Expectations

To gear up for the new school year, Vermilion Parish Superintendent Jerome Payau addressed his full staff before they started in-service training. The overall theme of his speech was to make sure the teachers know the success of the year starts with them.

"What I'm asking you, do y'all believe in your students, because that's where it's going to start, it starts with our teachers," Superintendent Payau said.

Payau says his district is ready for another great year. Even with the common core debate on testing still up in the air, he says his parish will be ready for whatever comes next from the state.

"Difference is, our teachers have the support necessary because Vermilion Parish provided the supports that are needed. We did not rely on any other entity. Vermilion Parish provided the support to our teachers," Superintendent Payau said.

Along with that, there is now a huge opportunity for students to receive high school credit and college credit from schools like LSU, UL and SLCC. It's a move that will keep money in the pockets of parents.

"We're calling this Vermilion U. Vermilion University. Where our students will get a college experience in a K-12 setting," Superintendent Payau said.

If all goes according to plan, Payau hopes Vermilion Parish rises into the top 10 districts in the state of Louisiana. He says they are currently ranked 11th.

"I really think we have the potential of making a drastic jump forward because of the supports and the teachers that we have. I'm really excited about this year," Payau said.

Vermilion Parish also invested millions into technology and will be adding 10gbs of internet speed to every school. They also hope to have every school fitted with wireless internet by next summer. 



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