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Oct 3, 2013 11:40 PM by Daniel Phillips

UPDATED: Possible Acadiana Impacts from Tropical Storm Karen

Thursday 10pm Update...Karen was at 24.2N & 89.0W with maximum sustained winds reamining near 65mph. Karen was moving to the NNW at 12mph. There are no changes to watches/warnings...the National Hurricane Center currently keeping Karen a tropical storm with landfall near SE Louisiana Saturday afternoon/night and then on to Mobile/Pensacola by Sunday...Stay with KATC for a full update on Good Morning Acadiana starting at 430am.... Previous story... Tropical Storm Karen continues to move north-northwest at 12 mph across the Gulf of Mexico packing winds of 65 mph and a minimum pressure of 999mb. There are two different possibilities that can occur with this storm, both with differing impacts on the coast. If T.S. Karen can stay along the eastern part of the forecast cone and get away from the drier air to the west, we may see a more intense storm. This would mean that a strong tropical storm or even a category 1 hurricane would threaten the Mobile/Pensacola area. If this is the case Acadiana will see winds increasing to a strong breeze (15-25 mph) Friday night into Saturday with scattered showers possible. That is one outcome. The other is if the storm moves along the western section of the cone it will not intensify, and could make landfall as a weak tropical storm possibly even a tropical depression along southeastern Louisiana. Although a weaker storm, this scenario would have a great impact for Acadiana. Winds would be slightly stronger (20-35 mph) and even a few power outages possible. One of the problems in forecasting this particular storm is the fact that it has not been around that long. T.S. Karen really hasn't had a chance to show us which way she will trend toward, the east or west, since it doesn't really have much culture. With the way the Gulf of Mexico is set up even relatively small movement from the storm can have a big effect on the outcome. Currently the National Hurricane Center is trending toward the east, but it will be worth paying attention to over the next several days. Make sure you stay tuned to KATC-TV 3 for the latest information on Tropical Storm Karen. You can find our updates on-air, on-line, and on your mobile device.


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