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Mar 5, 2012 7:16 PM by Shawn Kline

Update: Father gets custody of child, mother arrested

A seven-year-old girl is back in the custody of her father after deputies say the child's mother tried fleeing to Canada with her.

The girl's mother, Laney Wyble, did not have full custody and was arrested Saturday night in Alberta, Canada shortly after crossing the border.

Wyble's family says she ran after reporting several times that the child's father was sexually abusing the seven-year-old girl but a judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence to support that claim.

The father faced sex abuse allegations but after reviewing recommendations from doctors, deputies, and the DA, Judge James Doherty dismissed those accusations.
Then last month, Wyble missed a court hearing. That's when Judge Doherty ordered full custody to the child's father.

"She's come to everybody telling them what's happened to her," Wyble's sister, Whitney said. "Nothing has being done."

Wyble's sister, Whitney Marks expresses her frustration with this three-year-long custody battle for Wyble's seven-year-old girl.
In an audio recording provided to KATC, Marks says the child retells a pattern of sexual abuse by her biological father. Due to the child's status as a minor, we are censoring many of the details she speaks of alleging sexual abuse.

The girl says in the recording, "the same thing they were doing to me when I was a baby," referencing abuse on multiple occassions.

Some official documents from doctors and counselors suggest the seven-year-old girl may have been sexually abused but other sources say the accusations are baseless.
The St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office, the District Attorney, Child Protective Services all say there isn't enough evidence to prove a crime.

A licensed psychologist researching these claims writes, "the child is likely to have been either consciously or subconsciously influenced to levy sexual abuse allegations against her father."

The psychologist recommended Judge Doherty to allow parental rights to both parents following the investigation.
Since that time, Wyble has made more accusations against the father and lost custody of their child when she missed a hearing last month.

Now, Wyble's family is left wondering what's next for the seven-year-old, currently in her father's custody.

"We don't want her to go back to her biological father," Marks said.

Wyble will face kidnapping charges when she arrives back in St. Landry Parish.



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