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Jun 18, 2013 7:27 PM by Alex Labat

Unusual Weather Forces Farmers to Play Catch Up

With an active hurricane season in the forecast for this summer, Acadiana farmers aren't taking any chances.
Hurricanes can be devastating for farmers and their crops and can also affect your grocery bills at home.
Louisiana is an agricultural powerhouse and a major contributor when it comes to sugarcane, soybeans, rice, etc.
This year, farmers in all these areas are already up against mother nature.
John Durand's livelihood is here in the fields of Catahoula.
He harvests soybeans and rice, crops which were threatened by an unseasonably cool spring.
"It's been a struggle, we made it through. We do what we have to do when we have to do it, in between the weather, and we got it done", says Durand.
He isn't alone, across the state farmers are playing "catch up" under the (near) summer sun.
Doing what they can while the tropics stay calm for Acadiana.
Stuart Gauthier, a county agent for the LSU AG Center, mentions, "The main limiting factor is the weather, and unfortunately here in South Louisiana, a tropical system, whether it's soybeans, mile, or sugarcane, it's just devastating to those crops."
He says the turnaround in weather is a good sign for not just the rice industry, but agriculture in general.
"They're real resilient and they're real flexible and they were able to compensate for the wet weather and the cool weather, and I think at this point I think they're crops look pretty good," says Gauthier.
And to those who make their living in the fields, like Durand, who says, "You do what you can."


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