Aug 8, 2012 6:22 PM by Chris Welty

Uniform Drive Outfits Nearly 600 Students

Many students this week will head back to school, but some don't have basic needs like school supplies or uniforms.

The Salvation Army put together a drive two weeks ago but as KATC's Chris Welty found out, the drive almost did not happen.

I'm doing a lot to make sure they have everything that they need."

Candace Carter is a single mom and student. She has four kids, three in school and one in daycare. Buying school supplies and uniforms adds up and is hard to afford.

"Buying clothes for her when she grows out of clothes and buying kids clothes for the kids when they grow up, shoes, underwear, everything is so costly."

Carter is appreciative of the bag of uniforms, but this year's uniform supply drive almost didn't happen. The main supplier who would normally donate new uniforms and a supplier who would typically donate used ones fell through.

"We were just shot in the foot until the Captain said we cannot not do this, we will put up the money," said volunteer Sarah Schoeffler.

In all the Salvation Army has helped 216 families, more than 600 children this year. Each will receive two new uniforms in their size and school colors.

"I you look back and think of yourself in school at that age, kindergarten to senior year of high school, there is a sense of pride in how you look and the pride of your peers thinking you're one of them. We've had people so very, very appreciative," said Schoeffler.

"If they didn't have the things they needed, they couldn't go to school and get an education. I don't want them talked about and bullied. I want them to be up to par like everyone else. I try my best to make sure they have everything they need and some of their wants."

There are many children still in need of uniforms this school year. If you're in dire need and cannot afford uniforms the Salvation Army will look at the situation on a case-by-case basis.

Also, you can go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store where uniforms are sold at a very low cost or a store like Good-Will.

If you have uniforms that no longer fit your child, donate them to Good-Will or the Salvation Army and they can help put them into the hands of a family in need.

Chris Welty



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