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Unconfirmed black panther sighting in Nunez; experts say it's a house cat

Some residents in the community of Nunez are saying there may be a black panther slinking around the neighborhoods.

Now, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agents are investigating the area for any evidence of the animal. So far, the Lake Charles office says they have found tracks, but it has not been confirmed on whether they are from a black panther or not.

"At this point, it is not confirmed. Agents went and took pictures at the site. We have biologists looking at the tracks," says the Captain for the Lake Charles office.

The investigating is ongoing at this time.

These pictures were posted on, along with an article stating there were sightings of a panther.  The images of the cat are not a panther, according to Wildlife and Fisheries.  They say these images are clearly of a housecat.

Maria Davidson, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Large Carnivore Program Manager, says it is a common myth all around the nation that there are "black panthers".

"There are 6 big cats in the world. Two can come in black, the leopard and the jaguar. Neither one would be found here. I'm not sure where the legend started, but I get that question a lot," said Davidson.

Davidson also said that she can't detect anything from the picture of the print.  The picture of the cat, however, is confirmed as a house cat.

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