Jun 24, 2013 7:17 PM by Alex Labat

UMC Officially Becomes UHC

Today's the day.
LSU facilities in New Orleans, Houma, Lake Charles, and right here in Lafayette are now under private management as part of Governor Jindal's push to privatize the university run hospitals and clinics.
Back in December, Lafayette General Medical Center agreed to partner with the former University Medical Center to maintain their facility.
After months of negotiation and legislation, that agreement became a reality.
As hospital personnel and state officials gathered to unveil a sign of the new "University Hospital and Clinics", many attending today's event say it's a sign of the improvements to come.
Dr. Wayne "Boo" Cestia, Director of the Family Medicine Residency Program, says "Most especially patient care, so we expect to see our patient care increase and improve mainly because of increased services and personnel that are going to be able to be provided to the patients."
Local and state officials celebrated the hospital's rebirth, and the continued services it will provide to those who need them the most, through expansion in services and changes in operations.
New computerized filing systems will replace the outdated physical forms, boosting efficiency at the hospital, making your waiting time a lot less.
And services that had once been removed from UMC will be coming back as soon as next month.
"July 1st, Lafayette General becomes a major teaching hospital, and with that we will reintroduce Orthopedic services to the community. Two Orthopedic residents will be here. We will restart both in-patient and out-patient Orthopedic services here at University Hospital and Clinics", says David Callecod, President and CEO of LGMC.
After successfully coming together to save the hospital, state legislators are hopeful they can work together to solve other issues in Acadiana.
Representative Vincent Pierre (D-Lafayette), says, "Well we're going to continue to work as a team at the delegation, hopefully we'll be able to take care of many other projects in this city. This is just an example of the things that we can do if we work together, and I think in the long haul Lafayette will be a better place to live."
As of June 24th, 511 former UMC employees have been rehired at UHC out of an estimated 700.
The rehires will lose their state benefits because of the takeover, but will receive credit for years worked at the former UMC, in addition to those benefits offered by University Hospital and Clinics.


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