Jan 17, 2012 7:17 PM by Melissa Hawkes

UMC Facing Possible Layoffs

Many University Medical Center employees in Lafayette could soon be without a job. It's part of state budget reductions and everyone from nurses, to doctors to support staff are all at risk.

People have been talking about possible layoffs at UMC for weeks, but confirmation came Tuesday in the form of an email, giving all employees a notice of impending layoffs.

Hospital employee Jignesh Petal said, "I think the initial reaction was a shock and surprise. Most of us were not anticipating that there would be budget cuts."

Hospital Administrator Larry Dorsey, explained, "you think you are doing what you are supposed to and then you come in and have to have this huge cut of this magnitude, it's really hard."

Dorsey was told about a month ago he would have to slash four thousand dollars. At least four departments could be cut. Dorsey won't talk specifics about which departments, but said most of the employees in those departments will likely be cut.

"For the community we are sorry they'll be losing these services," he said. "We are working hard to stop the elimination of the services."

Nothing is set in stone and Dorsey said legislators are working to come up with the money, so no one loses their job.

Director of Nursing, Mary Broussard, said, "the hope is that we will be able to secure that funding and we won't have to enforce those lay offs."

The state is trying to cut 29 million dollars from the LSU public hospital system as a whole. UMC is just one of seven hospitals throughout the state to face possible cuts. If funding fails to come through, UMC employees could be let go starting in M



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