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Mar 13, 2014 7:26 PM by Alex Labat

UL Survey Shows Dissatisfaction Among Faculty

"You will hear the rage of the Cajuns."

It's part of the school's fight song, and if a recent survey is any indication, those Ragin' Cajuns are part of the schools faculty.

"The big problem is the faculty have not received a raise in five years," said Dr. Jamed McDonald, the Executive Officer of the UL Faculty Senate.

KATC is investigating reports of dissatisfied faculty members at the university. We obtained a 2013 survey that asked both the UL faculty and administration about their feelings on a number of subjects ranging from collaboration, to policies, to overall respect and appreciation. 

The survey shows a concern when it comes to faculty satisfaction, but it's a different story for the administration. Eighty-four percent of the administration is satisfied with their job and the support they receive, compared to 56 percent of the faculty.

Other sections show similar numbers, and faculty members say it's because they just don't feel appreciated.

McDonald said poor communication and the lack of faculty being included in decision making are some of the reasons faculty is unhappy.

"I think what was surprising about this survey is that we scored lower than other schools on faculty dissatisfaction who have gone through some of the same problems," McDonald said.

Those are problems that UL Provost Dr. Jim Henderson acknowledges.

Henderson said budget cuts have affected UL for too long. Employee satisfaction will be addressed in a new "strategic plan" involving both the administration and the faculty.

"I really think that they've weathered this financial storm much better than other institutions in the state. And at the same time they want to know what they can do better. Those for me are a wonderful combination," Henderson said.

You can find the results of that survey by clicking here:ULSurveyResults.pdf

The full report on the results can be seen here


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