Oct 29, 2010 5:06 PM by Carolyn Cerda

UL Students: Shocked and Scared

The deadly incident on McKinley St. Thursday, is leaving some students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on edge. Especially those who pass through the crime scene area everyday to get to campus.

"It's crazy cause this is my daily walk," said Langhston Williams, a sophomore at UL. "I walk here everyday and with something like that is going on, it's like, should I take another path or something?"

Most students we spoke with Friday morning say they park at Keg's parking lot at walk the one block on McKinley St. to campus. They said they were shocked to see crime scene tape around a house they walk by everyday.

"I'm scared," said UL Junior, Maeghan Cavalier. "I park in this parking lot right here everyday and I would have never thought that some guy I had seen on the porch every now and then, that this would happen."

Shock and fear were the top two emotions students we spoke with said they're feeling.

"I think the thing that's scary about it is when you're walking back and forth to campus, there are random people sitting around,"said sophomore Xavier Wallace. "If any one of them did it, that could have easily been you."

Some students said they'll have to be more cautious walking on McKinley, while others say they'll just start parking somewhere else from now on.

"It's scary. I don't want to have to be nervous about going to school. It should be a comfortable feeling to be in," said Cavalier. "Everyone's pretty freaked out about it. Everyone's scared. Now everyone doesn't have that sense of being comfortable at school."

"I don't feel comfortable that it happened around here, but seeing the police, that they're actually trying to catch him, that makes you feel good," said Wallace. "And, we really don't have anywhere else to park."




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