Aug 4, 2011 10:24 PM by Maddie Garrett

UL Runs Out of Student Housing, Using Hotel in Fall

UL is expecting record numbers of incoming freshman for the Fall 2012 semester, with approximately 3,000 students starting this month. But does the university have enough room?

UL's Housing Department said as of right now, there isn't enough space for all of the students wanting to live on-campus this fall. But UL has found a solution in a rather unconventional place.

"It has been a challenge, we have not been able to accommodate all of the students who wanted on campus housing so we've made some arrangements with one of the local hotels to house approximately 150 students for the fall semester," said UL's Director of Enrollment Chip Jackson.

That hotel is the Crowne Plaza on Pinhook, about two miles down the road from campus.

Jackson says if students can't live on-campus, UL will bring the campus to them. And that having so many students who wish to live on campus is a positive thing for the university.

"We're trying to cope, again it's a very good problem to have," said Jackson.

Students living in the hotel will have meals, a resident assistant (RA), shuttle transportation and University police patrols. And it won't cost any more than the dorms.

"Of course they're not on campus, but again we're doing everything we can to bring the services these students need to campus," explained Jackson.

So would hotel life be better than dorm life? Some students think it would be.

"I'd prefer hotel," said UL student Sajjad Pourmohammad. "If there is a bus regularly going there and going back I think it's ok. Many people would like to go there."

But Nathan Douglas, who currently lives in UL's newest dorm on Taft said being so far from campus wouldn't be worth it.

Nathan Douglas currently lives in UL's newest dorm... And thinks being so far from campus wouldn't be worth it.

"Just having to wake up earlier, getting ready just like you said the commute back to school," said Douglas. "I wouldn't prefer staying in a hotel going to school in everything."

Jackson said the hotel is just a temporary solution, and those 150 students would be moved into on-campus housing in the spring when more space opens up.



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