Oct 7, 2010 8:39 PM by Melissa Hawkes

UL Protests Against Higher Education Budget Cuts

For the first time in more than a decade, the state ended it's budget year in the red. The 108 million dollar deficit has to be made up somehow, so lawmakers are looking at cutting money to higher education.

This isn't the first time students are hearing about budget cuts . Richard Labranche started out at UL as a philosophy major, but because of past budget cuts the philosophy department no longer exists.

Labranche said, "it took away from what I wanted to do and my sister is going to start school as a freshman next semester and I don't want her to face the same things that I went through."

With signs in hand and megaphones to voice their concerns, students and professors are taking a stand---protesting the proposed 35 percent cut.

One of the protest organizers, Kristin Borchert, said " We are going to pay far more for this in the future. It may be a couple cuts now, but there's no way we can be a functional university after these cuts."

Students protesting said they aren't just concerned about it affecting their own tuition, but it could cut back on teachers as well as slash departments.

Senior Thomas Gotte said, " we won't have as many teachers, which means we'll have less class rooms to use and then we will be graduating later."

Borchert said, "teachers are going to get laid off. The economy is already bad enough and we are really trying to get the community involved so they can make sure that these cuts don't happen."

Labranche said lawmakers shouldn't be looking towards higher education to fix the huge deficit.

He explained, "we are not unworthy of having the money that we have, we don't deserve to have it taken away from us."



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