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Feb 20, 2014 11:20 AM by Kristen Holloway

UL Informatics Program Gets Recognition From Students

A fairly new program at UL is getting a lot of recognition from its students. It allows them to get a degree in a field where the job opportunities are somewhat endless. It's called Informatics, the program is just over two years old and has only one graduation class under its belt. We spoke with one graduating senior who says he's learned more about computers than he can imagine.

Just two years ago the Informatics program at UL started with just 43 students. Now there is over three times that many enrolled. The program is just two years old and senior Brice Landry says learning by hand is key.

"This is something that you really have to have hands on and be apart of it to really grasp it and I think that's one of the biggest thing this program has taught me," said Landry.

UL Instructor Brian West who teaches Informatics Theories says his job is to make sure students can apply those theories in the real world.

"What sets us different from computer engineering or computer science is that we apply technologies so those guys and gals may design something but we're actually going to put it in motion," said West.

After graduation there are many opportunities for students.

"Web design, data base administration, application development, network administration and assistant administration," said West.

Through this program, Landry will be spending his summer as an intern with General Electric. If that goes well, after graduation he could be offered a 2-year stay with company.

"If I wouldn't have been in this program, I definitely wouldn't have been anywhere near that," said Landry.

If you're interested in the program go to to learn about the curriculum and potential jobs.



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