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Dec 21, 2013 11:28 AM by Kari Beal

UL Football Students Graduate in New Orleans

It was a sea of red at the Marriot in New Orleans. Hundreds gathered to watch the UL Football students graduate and celebrate before the New Orleans bowl Saturday night.
"Words can not explain how seeing those boys graduate right here, in front of their fans and everyone else. It is awesome," said Patrick Thibodeaux, parent of Hunter Thibodeaux.

12 UL students graduated during the ceremony and one parent said he brought over two dozen family members.

"We were actually here when they opened the doors and we probably had two tables and we probably had 30 at the table when the teams came in," said Mark Chiasson, parent of UL Football trainer Barrett Chiasson.

Chiasson said they were happy to have the graduation in New Orleans, rather than at UL with the rest of the university. It gave incentive for out-of-town family to come.

"I'm so happy he choose to graduate here because at 3 o clock this morning probably three quarters of our relatives were over here already," said Chiasson.

At the event was food, drinks, music, and most importantly, everlasting memories.

"The whole city of Lafayette has really supported the cajuns and it just really has touched my heart," said Thibodeaux.

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