Jul 22, 2013 8:06 PM by Akeam Ashford

UL Finds Success in Ragin' Cajun Burger

Last summer, UL partnered with Sonic Drive-Ins in Acadiana to create the very first school spirited item, the Ragin Cajun burger. According to UL Communications and Marketing Branding Manager Matthew Tarver, the burger was so successful, the franchise could bring this same type burger to other cities across the country. "It's nice to be known for an idea that takes off. We're really creative with our branding and creative with the way we partner with local companies; really that's what we look for from a university perspective," says Tarver.

We spoke to officials at Sonic's corporate office. They would not confirm spirited burgers, like the Ragin Cajun burger, will be sold in other areas.
They did, however, provide this statement: "As earlier confirmed, the Ragin' Cajun burger will be returning to Sonic Drive-Ins in the Acadiana region later this year. We can share that it will be bigger and better this year."

The Ragin Cajun burger is a limited production item. We're told the burger will be sold in late August through late February.



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