Oct 16, 2012 7:50 PM by Maddie Garrett

TX Woman's ID Found in Lavergne's Home Could Be Missing for Months

More unanswered questions are surfacing in connection to Brandon Scott Lavergne, despite the release of all court documents in the Mickey Shunick case. One of the latest mysteries is a Texas woman's ID and wallet found at Lavergne's home during a police search.

The ID is that of Madeline Aumiller, a woman in her 50's from Texas, specifically believed to be from the Beaumont area. But aside from her wallet and ID found at Lavergne's home, along with the wallet and ID of her deceased father, police cannot tell us what connection the two have to Lavergne, or even who she is.

Madeline Aumiller hasn't been seen or heard from for several months, this according to court documents and a conversation police had with Aumiller's brother. Police said they were unable to find Aumiller, but did speak to her brother, who said she had been living with him until he asked her to move out.

He gave her a car and was depositng money into her bank account. But he told police after several attempts, he was never able to contact his sister. The brother told police he noticed in April that she had not accessed her bank account for six to eight weeks. And as of July he still had not heard from her.

Police are not sure how her ID, or her father's, Frank Aumiller, ended up in Lavergne's possession. Police say Frank died of natural causes in 2009, according to an obituary.

Court documents also reveal another story from a woman in Austin, Texas, claiming to be pregnant with Lavergne's child. The woman told police that Lavergne told her about a woman he picked up hitch-hiking in Beaumont who ran from his truck in Round Rock, Texas. Police said the description of the woman in the story matches Aumiller.

But no one seems to know what happened to her. Beaumont Police, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Round Rock Police all said they have no records or reports about a Madeline Aumiller, or any Aumillers for that matter.

At this time, Police cannot even say if Aumiller is a missing person. But one thing is clear -- she has some sort of connection to Lavergne, it's just unclear what that could be.



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