Jun 20, 2014 11:39 AM

Two arrested for "resisting arrest" at Scott nightclub

Officers made two arrests at a Scott nightclub after suspects resisted arrests.

A 21-year-old Scott man was arrested at Cowboys after-hours because police say he didn't leave the scene after being escorted out of the club earlier in the evening.

Jarrod Hunt was allegedly given five warnings from the security officers prior to his arrest. Hunt allegedly resisted arrest and "was dealt with accordingly".

Officers say while dealing with Hunt, they were advised another suspect was making threats in the parking lot and was armed with a baseball bat. Officers say they disarmed Brandon Sonnier, and because the victim refused to press charges, they were going to help him get transportation home. However, the Cowboy's manager requested Sonnier be permanently banned from the establishment for allegedly causing similar problems in the past and already having two suspensions from the club. Officers say that's when Sonnier "became belligerent and irate"; he was also booked into the Lafayette Parish jail.



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