Dec 14, 2012 7:06 PM by Chris Welty

Turing to Faith for Answers

During times of tragedy many people turn to their faith for answers or question everything they thought they knew.

You can never be prepared for events like we saw today. Father Chester Arceneaux, Pastor at Saint John's Cathedral says you should turn to faith to deal with evil in the world.

"God gave us free will and free choice and on days like this we rely on his great love and the love of his son."

In these tragic situations, Father Arceneaux sees an increase in those questioning their faith. Asking how God could let those children be killed. Arceneaux says just stay strong in what you believe.

"Salvation has come through the gift of the christ child. Salvation came for moments like this when evil would rob us of joy in this peaceful season of hope that we can receive comfort from our savior and hope from his promise to us in such tragedy."

In Sunday's service, priests will be addressing the tragedy hoping to provide some sort of comfort to parents and children in attendance.

"We identify with those suffering from our own sufferings. Together as a family, community, we can come and find strength in the promise of eternal life."

Father Arceneaux says now is also the time to be especially grateful for the gifts in your life. No doubt, many parents leaving work early today to hold their children a little tighter in light of today's events.

Chris Welty


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