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Jul 25, 2013 5:33 PM by Daniel Phillips

Tropical Update: T.S. Dorian the Little Storm that Could

As the title would indicate T.S. Dorian as become the little storm that could. Conditions haven't been great for a tropical system, but the little storm has simply chugged along moving across the Atlantic at about 18 mph.

The size of the storm is fairly small, but it is still packing winds that are sustained around 60 mph, and gusting slightly higher at times. Despite moving over some cooler water and weakening slightly, T.S. Dorian has now entered a slightly more favorable environment and warmer water.

The National Hurricane Center has announced that they have found a small eye at the surface as of their Thursday evening update. Intensification is expected to occur slowly and will approach hurricane status as it nears the Caribbean at the beginning of the work week.

There are still a few factors working against Dorian, it is getting ready to move over a dry section of the Atlantic with some of that dry air trying to infiltrate into the center of the storm. Wind shear is relatively week right now but will increase by the end of the weekend.

Still a little too early to announce how Dorian will impact the Gulf of Mexico, however, we will of course get those details to you as they develop.


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