Tracking the Tropics

Oct 5, 2013 1:19 PM by Daniel Phillips

Tropical Storm Karen Afternoon Update

It was a rough Friday night for Tropical Storm Karen as upper level winds and dry air continued to do significant damage to the the structure of the storm. Convection is now blown mostly to the east, although a little convection has started to flair up around the center of the low.

Still it will probably be too little too late as Karen is expected to continue to weaken and will likely be a tropical depression by tomorrow. Keep in mind, however, there is little difference between a weak tropical storm and a strong tropical depression.

The overall track brings the center of the low along southeast Louisiana late Saturday night. As mentioned earlier, however, the center at this point means very little as most of the sensible weather is off to the east.

The storm has been slow moving which means water levels will be continue to be high through the weekend. The National Weather Service has issued a Coastal Flood WARNING along Vermilion Bay, be mindful of minor coastal flooding and high water levels during high tide. Water may rise a few feet above normal levels Saturday.


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