Tracking the Tropics

Oct 5, 2013 7:55 AM by Dave Baker

Tropical Storm Karen 7am

Tropical Storm Karen is still very disorganized as of the 7am advisory. Most of the convection is still well to the east of the center of circulation due to shear. The center is completely exposed this morning. Winds are still at 40mph. It is located at 27.5N 91.5W which is about 245 miles south of Morgan City. It is moving north at 10mph. A gradual turn toward the northeast is expected later today as a cold front drifts in from the west.

A tropical storm WARNING remains in effect from Morgan City to the mouth of the Pearl River, Mississippi. Still minimal impacts expected here in Acadiana.

The extended forecast turns Karen toward the mouth of the Mississippi River later today, then toward the Alabama/Florida coastline Sunday. A few squalls may bring gusty winds today and tides along the Louisiana coastline will be about 1-2 feet above normal.


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