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Aug 30, 2012 12:43 AM by Alex Labat

Tropical Storm Isaac: Lake Peigneur Coverage

Some of the most amazing pictures of the day came out of Iberia parish, where the water receded temporarily because of low tides in the gulf.
During coverage of hurricanes it's normal to see images of flooded parishes and cities, but due to harsh northern winds, water is moving out of Lake Peigneur. Residents are happy to see that because it means their homes won't flood.
It was only a few years ago that Lake Peigneur was knocking on Todd Umphries' front door--quite literally--as flood waters reached his porch.
Now, this thriving shrimping community is forced to sit through a dry spell, but that doesn't mean that flooding couldn't still impact the area. That's why Congressman Jeff Landry passed through Delcambre today---to asses the situation and to see the sight for himself.
All of the residents had the same thing to say when asked about the lake. They'd rather see the water going away from them, than coming towards them.

--Alex Labat


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