Jul 16, 2013 11:46 PM by Erin Steuber

Tree Removal Stumps Acadia Parish Police Jury

An Acadia Parish employee is waiting to see if he'll be disciplined by the Police Jury. Michael Schexnider is the parish road manager for Acadia Parish Public Works. He thinks he's facing discipline over the removal of trees from private property, but he says he's done nothing wrong.

Last week, several trees were removed from along Holland Road in Rayne as part of a routine maintenance project. But the problem wasn't that the trees were removed, it was where some of them ended up. Police Juror Lenis Trahan says he took some of the trees to his property. He admits he used parish equipment, already on site, to load them onto his truck, but doesn't think that's an issue.

"I thought maybe I'd bring these over here (to his home) and burn them to save the parish a bunch of money," said Trahan. "If we keep hauling them to the landfill it cost $40,000 every time to come out, and grind, and mulch these trees."

Schexnider has been performing maintenance for the parish for 22 years and was overseeing the project. He says it's common when there is excess timber for it to be loaded on personal trailors and hauled off.

"Very disappointing for being here this long," said Schexnider. "Going to get reprimanded for something like that, when I feel I did nothing wrong."

A special meeting scheduled for Tuesday night to discuss possible disciplinary action against Schexnider was cancelled, at the request of their attorney. No one from the board would comment. Trahan has since brought the logs back to the original site.

"Now that they're on location they are going to have to hire somebody to come and cut these trees up and haul them off," said Trahan. "All I was trying to do was save the taxpayers dollars by donating my services."



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