Nov 24, 2013 7:13 PM by Daniel Phillips

Travel Forecast for the Holiday Week

It's one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, meaning even with perfect weather the number of people on the roads and in the skies can make it a nightmare. So it's always nice to know exactly what you're up against when you hit the road for the holiday. Unfortunately the weather will be unsettled leading up to Thanksgiving, but will be pleasant although chilly for the holiday. So here is a breakdown of what you'll need to know through the week. 


Our little corner of the world is where the weather will be most active. Soaking rain will stay with us through out the day and rain will stretch really through the entire southeast. The good news is it looks like rain is all we will be dealing with and we're not expecting much in the way of thunderstorms. Temperatures will be cold across the country with some frozen precipitation possible through parts of Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. 

A low pressure system moving through the Great Lakes which could provide some snow and gusty winds, although nothing they can't handle, so don't expect many delays in those airports. There could be a light dusting of snow up in the Rockies if your plans take you out west but any active snow will be quick to come to an end. 

Interstates Affected: I-10, I-20, I-30, I-35, I-40, I-49, I-55, I-65

Airports Affected: Lafayette, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston


The rain will slowly start to lift out of Acadiana as the low pressure system in the Gulf slides eastward pushing the rain from the Florida Panhandle all the way northward along the Atlantic Seaboard up into the capital. A few severe thunderstorms will be possible in south Georgia and north Florida before the system lifts north late in the afternoon and heads toward the north east. 

The low pressure system in the Great Lakes will move east around the same time headed for the northeast. This will bring the snow showers to north sections of the country and looks like it will be quite a mess. Several major airports will be dealing with this weather so good luck to all travelers. 

Interstates Affected: I-10, I-20, I-26, I-40, I-64, I-65, I-75, I-76, I-77, I-79, I-81, I-85, I-95

Airports Affected: Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Raleigh, Tampa, Washington D.C., Boston, New York, Philadelphia


Conditions here in Louisiana will be cold, but otherwise a rather pleasant day with clear skies through much of the southeast. A few lingering showers will still be possible along the Atlantic coast, but won't be quite the nightmare Tuesday will be. The northeast will be the area that sees the most active area in the middle of the week with snow showers possible. A few snow showers wrapping around the low are possible so the northern sections of the Appalachians could see a dusting of the white stuff. It will be hard to escape the cold the week so no matter where your travels don't take you, or even if you're staying locally be ready to bundle up. 

Interstates Affected: I-40, I-64, I-70, I-75, I-76, I-77, I-80, I-81, I-85, I-87, I-90, I-91, I-95

Airports Affected: Boston, New York, Philadelphia

As always weather is always changing so be sure to stay tuned to KATC for all the latest forecast information, and safe travels where ever they may be. For a closer look at a forecast for an area you are headed to check with the National Weather Service or the local meteorologist. 


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