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Nov 14, 2013 8:41 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Training for the Zydeco Marathon: Part 2

When Douglas Menefee decided to run his first marathon, he took "go big, or go home" to the extreme.

"For my 40th birthday I said I'm going to go and run Pike's Peak."

That's 26.2 miles, uphill, to an elevation of 14,000 feet. Obviously, training to run well above sea level, with little oxygen, was pretty much impossible to simulate in South Louisiana.

"I got kicked out of every parking garage."

Upon crossing the finish line, after running for more than nine hours, Menefee thought never again, but that feeling was soon replaced.

"Within 24 hours, 36 hours I said, I can do that again."

Menefee has used his running goals to create fundraising goals, raising more than $10,000 for the Boys and Girls Club.

"If I can do this to give them a better environment, I'll do it everyday."

Now, he'll get to do it in his hometown with friends, family and fellow runners.

"You have people that have never run before that are saying I'm going to participate in this."

For Menefee, running is a chance to enjoy the outdoors, relieve stress and clear his head.

"I set my own goals and hold myself accountable when I do it, so it's a discipline that I'm able to embrace."

The goals he sets for running translate to everyday life.

"I'm motivated by not having the status quo, so I believe that I can wakeup tomorrow and do tomorrow better than I did today."

Menefee will carry his fundraising efforts into the Zydeco Marathon. He will utilize social media to spread the word and come up with creative incentives for reaching his fundraising goals.

The Zydeco Marathon will be March 30th. You can register online here for the whole and half marathon.



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