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Nov 14, 2013 8:31 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Training for the Zydeco Marathon: Part 1

"You really have to love this to do it because it would just be too easy not to."

When Angie Landry began training for the Zydeco Marathon five months ago, she never imagined the commitment it would take or the challenges she would face.

"If I'm going to do this and take it seriously then I really need to plan and be more organized."

A single mother of three, Landry says the hardest part of training has been logistics.

"For me that's just getting the time in before it gets dark and the challenge of spending enough time with my kids while they're awake."

Family is priority number one for Landry. It was sister Ada, an avid runner with one marathon already under her belt, who talked Landry into joining her for this race.

"she's such an encourager, she's my biggest fan."

Now, her biggest cheerleader may have to do it from the sidelines. Ada is battling a foot injury that could keep her out of the race.

"To me this was for us, so even if she can't I'm still going to rock and roll and try to do it as best I can."

Diagnosed with diabetes in 2000, Landry began running a few years ago as a way to get healthy. While her diabetes is now under control, Landry recently received some more bad health news. She has exercise induced asthma.

"If I run slow it doesn't bother me, but the minute I kick it up and try to increase my pace it just knocks me out."

Landry is concerned about running fast enough to get past the cutoff time, but she refuses to let her physical ailments keep her from finishing.

"It's very easy for people to say, you know, you're not well so everybody would be ok, we'd all understand if you couldn't finish it, but that's not an option. I don't want it to be an option."

When Angie's sister Ada ran her first marathon, she did it in honor of their mother who is living with leukemia and also for their father who lost both legs and later died from complications of diabetes. Angie says this time, even if she has to end up running without her sister, she plans to follow through with their goal of, again, running for their mother and father and, most importantly, for each other.

The Zydeco Marathon is March 30 and registration is open for the whole and half marathon. You can register online here.



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