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Jul 18, 2012 3:57 PM by Natalie Noah

Top Ten Emergency Safety Tips

You never know when a natural disaster or a more common everyday emergency may occur.  Always be ready!  Here are tips that will come in handy for emergency preparedness. 


1.  Make sure your pet has a well fitted collar with up to date ID tags and identification.

2. Train your pet well.  A trained animal/obedient pet is safer all around.

3.  Always keep your pet on a leash outdoors.

4.  Traveling can be a hassle with your pet especially if they are not familiar.  A crate or carrier is always a good thing to have, make it as comfortable for your pet as possible. 

5.  Learn up on basis first aid.  Approach any sick, hurt, or scared animal slowly and cautiously.  Pets could easily become aggressive or frightened when they are pain.

6.   Purchase or assemble a basis first aid kit that includes gauze pads/rolls, bandages, thermometer, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, Q-tips, instant ice pack, rags, and rubber tubing.

7.  Have a emergency pet supply kit, including:  at least one week supply of food for each pet, water, blankets, leash/spare leash, collar, bowls, garbage bags for waste, any medications, and a recent photo of your pet/pets.

8.  Always stay as calm as possible in a emergency situation.  Your pet is easily influenced by your behavior. 

9.  Be cautious of common household items.  From poison, pesticides, chocolate, to household plants...keep them away from your pet.

10.  Be aware of extreme temperatures and extreme temperature changes.  Heat exhaustion and over-exercised pets can be harmful and could lead to fatality.  Cool pets off if they over-heat, have plenty of water and cool there body/paws with cool water....and use a fan.


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