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Jun 6, 2012 6:42 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Tool Shop in Lafayette Burglarized and Burned

Three fires broke out in Lafayette after three this morning. One in the 2400 block of Cameron Street, another in the 300 block of Mecca Drive, and the 700 block of University Avenue. There were no injuries and fire investigators say the fires aren't related, but police are considering the blaze one University Avenue suspicious.

"We're just trying to salvage what we can," said Steven Murphy.

Part of Steven Murphy's family owned business, M.L. Murphy Design Group, is destroyed. What's now covered in ashes, was once a wood shop.

"At first, you're heart broken it's just devastating. We're just glad no one was hurt," said

While cleaning up, Murphy noticed several tools missing. Murphy's brother uses them to create designs for the firm. Two pressure washers among the several tools missing. Those are worth about $3500 combined.

"The tools were his lifeline that's how he makes a living. For us to be out, it's not just somebody stole a few items, we lost everything we use for work here," said Murphy.

Murphy also noticed someone broke into his car and took out the panels, air vents, and tail lights.

"I'm not trying to speculate, but in order for these two things to happen it just can't be a coincidence," he added.

Lafayette fire department investigator Alton Trahan says it looks like someone intentionally set the fire.

"What you have here, it looks like, is someone came in to steal some things and set the fire to cover their tracks, but even through the ashes we can make determinations. A fire doesn't cover up everything," said Trahan.

"We're just going to rebuild. It's just the way you do it, pick up the pieces and clean it up," added Murphy.



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