Apr 15, 2010 7:51 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Tips On Protecting Yourself From Cyberstalking

Bullying has always been an issue with teens, but now more people are becoming the target of online bullying.


Attorney Greg Guidry says, "it's clearly well beyond just schools."


Some bullies are creating fake Facebook pages and using them to harass their victims, but attorney Greg Guidry says just because it's online, doesn't mean the bully's identity is secret.


"Nobody should just assume that just because they are anonymous, that they won't be found out either by law enforcement or in the context of a civil lawsuit," Guidry said.


One of the first things to do if you think you are a target it to report it, whether it's with the click of a button or by getting in contact with a lawyer.


Guidry said repeatedly threatening someone would probably constitute as stalking, which is a criminal law and could send you to jail.


Psychologist Donna Aucoin advises people to first ignore the bully and if that doesn’t work there are other options to take.


"I think that it helps for the victim to know that this behavior isn't going to be tolerated,” she said.


It’s also important to remember any information you share over the web could follow you to court.


"Even though it's electronic information, it's still a document, there's still evidence," Guidry said.  


Several states have already approved legislation against cyber bullying. Louisiana hasn't yet, but lawmakers are currently studying several proposals.



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