Jun 10, 2010 7:26 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat

Even though the calendar says it's officially still spring, the heat index is making it feel like the middle of summer.


Toren Hills, plays tennis outside in the heat, he said "I'm perspiring quite a bite."


The heat could cause serious side effects, but Dr. Douglas Clement at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center says there are ways to avoid heat stroke.


"The main thing is to take frequent breaks and drink plenty of fluids and if it’s getting really hot you may want to drink a quarter of water an hour," he said.


Dr. Clement says during the summer he sees two or three patients each day suffering from some sort of heat-related illness. So when should you go to the emergency room?


He said If you start having some dizziness, leg cramping, faintness, or nausea—then it's time to go.


When the heat starts to warm up you can't just worry about yourself, you also have to keep an eye on any pets or animals you may have.


Dr. M.E. Rausch of Town & Country Veterinary Clinic said "they can tolerate hour, half hour walks, but be careful if you jog with your dog because dogs do not precipitate heat very well, they do not sweat."


Dogs also have different symptoms than humans when they have a heat stroke.


Dr. Rausch said, "Feel their foot pads, they can become extremely hot, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, normally you'll really know soon because the dog will really be warm."


The best way to help your pet if you think they're overheated….


"Dose him good with cold water, wrap him in a blanket, toss him in the car and get to the vet,” he said. “Call the vet ahead of time so they can be prepared for you."



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