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Jun 4, 2014 12:15 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Tips for parents and dog owners on preventing dog bites

Dog bites can happen anytime, anywhere and unfortunately, the victims are more likely to be children.

"Most of the time when it happens it's when they're doing daily activities and when they're with familiar dogs."

Dog trainer Ally Locklin says it's important to teach kids how to interact with the family pet and also how to approach an unfamiliar dog.

"Kids get excited they want to run up and pet the dog, they don't know if that dog is friendly or not or if that dog may be too excited."

"You don't need to teach your kids that every dog is scary because they're not, it's just that they need to be aware, they need to be educated."

Manager of Camp Bow Wow Heatherlynn Theriot says, through education, they hope to erase the stereotypes of certain breeds.

"We see how many great dogs are out there, we see every different kind of breed come through here and they might get labeled and they don't need to be."

Locklin and Theriot say the key is to be aware of both your kids and dogs.

"That's where we really have to take ownership and pay attention to our kids and our dogs," says Locklin.

"It can be anybody it really just depends on the situation, how they were raised and who they're around," says Theriot.

Locklin says to make sure kids also know that if they see an unfamiliar dog running loose in the neighborhood, do not approach it or run from it, instead stand still like a tree until it leaves you alone.

For more information on dog bite statistics and how to prevent dog bites click here.

Camp Bow Wow is a dog daycare and boarding facility that promotes socializing dogs of all breeds and sizes and ensuring all dogs are happy and healthy. For more information on Camp Bow Wow click here.



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